Animal Collective T-shirt

I've personally had some strangely profound moments listening to Animal Collective; they somehow put me in an almost meditative state of mind - and some of these moments may be the most precious I've experienced (and probably ever will experience).
It took me awhile to realize how special this band really was, but it was worth the wait. In a way, and I mean a really positive way, they changed my life.
And that's why I'm not so sure about this picture actually. I kind of hate it, and I kind of like it. I hate it, probably because it can't possibly be as good as what it's supposed to represent, and I like it because it's not really a bad picture at all.
I started on it a while back as a hand made pencil drawing (the first picture below is a colored version of this drawing, and below it is the black and white original), but when the "character" was finished I got scared I might ruin it with a background and decided to do the rest on my computer. I'm not sure if this was a good idea or not, but it's not like I can change it as the original is somewhat damaged now.
Anyhow, when I had finished coloring it I tried to make a cool background, but it didn't work. So I asked my brothers girlfriend what she thought about it and she said it would look really cool as a t-shirt. This got me thinking, and soon afterwards I made the picture that I've posted above. I guess one day I'll make a new picture for animal collective that I'm more happy with, but for now this will do.


In English:
A Friend of mine asked me to do a flyer for his club in Shanghai. Apparently it was a dubstep club, which was an interesting challenge for me. As it happened I also had some other stuff going on at the time, like a fan-picture for Animal Collective which I've been working on for some time now (They are my favourite band) and a picture for some comic book dude (Raighne Hogan) from USA, so I had to cut some corners in this picture, but I'm still satisfied with the result, and I hope the club does well!

På Svenska:
En polare till mig bad mig fixa flyer till hans klubb i Shanghai. Tydligen en dubstepklubb, vilket var intressant att försöka illustrera. Har dock en massa andra projekt på gång, som en Animal Collective bild jag jobbat på länge nu (och som jag tänkte skicka till själva bandet i hopp om att få göra någon artwork åt dom i framtiden) samt en bild som beställts av någon serietidningssnubbe (Raighne Hogan) i USA, så jag var tvungen at slarva lite här och där, men vet inte om det syns så mycket. Jag är hur som helst riktigt nöjd med resultatet, och hoppas det går bra för klubben!