An old card I made with my brother

Here's an old business card me and my brother, Jonatan "cactus" Söderström, made together a couple of years ago. Actually a very nice card I think.
If you're into experimental games you should definitely check him out.

My favorite games of his are the eerie and somewhat funny first person puzzle games called "Mondo Medicals", "Mondo Agency" and the new Mondo game which hasn't been released yet (but I'm his brother, so I've played it through of course).

Here's a link to my brothers website: 

EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL (another picture for my mother and her husband)

I've been thinking a lot about life lately.
I've been thinking about us humans, about my friends and my family, about our surroundings, about other animals and about nature.
I've also been thinking of how much I take these things for granted, and this has resulted in some kind of mushy sentiment that I can't seem to shake. And I don't want to shake it either.
I somehow feel like everything is beautiful, and that everything always has been beautiful and always will be beautiful. Even ugly, scary or disgusting things like war, violence, shit, intestines, dogs, hate, love, horses, vaginas and Christmas trees seem beautiful to me these days, and it's confusing me. Even scaring me sometimes.
Everything seems so very complex, yet delicate and simple.
Anyhow, I guess I wanted to make a picture that reflects just a fraction of these thoughts, of this state of mind that I'm currently in. And I also wanted to make a picture for my mother and her husband, because they always tried to tell me that the world was exactly this beautiful place that I've just recently realized it to be. I mean, every time I've been depressed or felt like things were unfair or sometimes outright unbearable, they've always been there for me. And for the first time since I was a child I can really see it again. And that's just amazing.

Here's the pictures I used to make this one. They were found with googles image search engine. I have not made/taken them and do not own the rights to them.

Retard in Kitchen 2004 or -5?

Here's a couple of pictures I found, browsing through my computer today. They were made for a band I had at the time with my two best friends, Lo Brandt and Anton Björnsson Wikström. The band was called "Retard in Kitchen", a silly name I came up with when I was sampling various kitchen appliances for the drum track for one of our songs. Sadly most of the material we recorded was lost when my computer crashed, but maybe it wasn't that good to begin with I guess.
Most of these kitchen-samples I reworked into a new song however, with another band called "Köttkaninen" (Meat Bunny) where Lo Brandt was supposed to be the singer, and I made the music. The three tracks we made are still in my possession. 
We also had a band called Johnny Njursjuk (Johnny Kidneysick in english, I guess), and recorded two records called "Mannen som inte kunde dö" (The Man Who Couldn't Die) and  "Jag kan vara din knotiga lilla häst" (I Can Be Your Bony Little Horse), where Lo Brandt was the singer and Anton Björnsson Wikström played the guitar. 
Anton also sang in a band of ours called "Angry Dragon", and we recorded three songs, "Charlton", "Wait and Bleed" (a slipknot cover), and "Drumz".
Anyhow I made these pictures on my old PC, but I didn't own a digital camera back then, so I took snapshots with my old VH8 video camera that I had plugged in to my computer. I then reworked them with an old version of photoshop.
These pictures are kind of special to me... Mostly because I'm not friends with either Anton or Lo these days - our friendship ended right about the time I made them - and I really miss my old pals. They are also special because they are some of the first good pictures I ever made with a computer, and though not nearly as good as what I do now, they're not bad at all.

Here's two links for my old band Johnny Njursjuk: