Life Companions - Psycho Sis'

I've been working on some new material for my band, Life Companions, and suddenly felt the urge to do some concept art. The pieces I'm working on are more experimental and weird than those on the previous mini-album, and so I wanted that psychotic vibe to be the focus of the new promotion pics.
It was really late at night and I was very sleepy when I started with this pic, which probably explains why it's so simple and dumb. I basically just got this idea of transforming Kelsey Grammer (aka Frasier Crane of the tv-show "Frasier") into his Evil Mental Health Destroyer alter ego; a Psychotic Supervillain Tranny, called "Psycho Sis'" (a pun on the word psychosis for those of you who didn't catch it), which seemed fitting as my objective with the new tracks is to disturb and discomfort the listener, while, of course, inspire awe with my super awesome mixing skills.
Why I chose Kelsey Grammer for the pic should be obvious; while not being a real psychiatrist, he probably is the best known face of psychiatry (except for doctor Phil, whom I really dislike and who wouldn't have been as good a fit anyway, and Sigmund Freud, who's name people might be more famliar with than his face).
It didn't take long from start to finish, but I'm quite satisfied with the result. Perhaps there will be more appearances of Psycho Sis' in the future. Perhaps not. I don't know.
Text explaining the term "Psychosis" ripped from

Life Companions - "Life Power" & "Don't Worry" cover

The tasteless cover-art for Life Companions new release, containing two new tracks: "Life Power!" and "How Do I Feel?".
Also a cover for the previous mini-album "How Do I Feel?".

Life is Ugly T-shirt number 4: "I'm not Gay, I Just Hate Women"

Here's my new T-shirt pic, and it's probably the most provoking so far, so I guess I'll have to take the time to explain a few things about it.
The T-shirt's agenda is not to spread hate against women, but to pry apart the idea that homosexuality and effeminacy are somehow synonymous, as they, in my opinion, are two concepts that should not be associated with each other. I mean, just because you're a guy who likes other guys, doesn't mean you have to act like a woman. The text is also an objection towards the use of the term "Gay".
Why should homosexual men be happier about their lives than straight ones?
People always seem to discard homosexual men as wimps who act like women and love life. Why this is, I don't know. Maybe it's because homosexual men and women are the minority with the least human rights of all, yet they fail to stand up for themselves and see to it that things change. Not in any serious way at least. The Pride Festival is not a serious protest for equal rights, but a tasteless and obscene joke that does more harm than good, as it's run by the freaks of the homosexual community.
So I decided to make a pic for a t-shirt which young homosexual males who cannot identify with the stereotypes could wear that looks kind of cool in a way I would have liked when I was in high school.     
And if you take a step back, the text "No I'm not Gay, I just hate women more than I hate other men", means that the person wearing the shirts dislikes others, male and female, just not equally. And besides, it's also made to with a good deal of humor.
I guess none of this will get feminists to like the pic, nor women in general. This could sadly not be avoided, as I wanted the pic to provoke and offer a new perspective on homosexual males. The only thing I can say to redeem myself in this matter is that the next T-shirt pic in my "Life is ugly"-series will be of a stereotypical, ugly man, with the exact same text, except the words "women" and "men" will change place.
Please remember, this is just a protest against the word "Gay" and the homosexual male stereotypes of today. Not an attack on women.

Life is Ugly T-shirts

Here's a few T-shirt prints I made, for my "Life is Ugly"-project. They were quite easy to make, took me about a day each. Just came up with a slogan, and then made a shirt of it. Sorry about the bad photoshopping of the kids, I just didn't want to waste time trying to make it look any better.

The pictures aren't really trying to express anything more than a way of looking at life; comments on how existence can be a little bit ugly at times.
Here are some larger versions of the images by themselves, so you can see some of the detail work:

Life Companions Poster

Here's a new pic I made as a poster for my own psychedelic music project, Life Companions. I haven't got very much to say about it, more than that the pic originally was supposed to be for a 2D-cloud poster, but ended up quite different than how I first imagined it. So, as I felt I had to use it somehow, I ended up re-doing it for my band.
Here's a link to the Life Companions bancamp site:

Life Companions is basically my own experiments with sound, aided by some friends who are a bit more skilled at instruments than I am. I write most of the music myself, except for the track "Anton" which is mostly written by Anton Wikström. (It seems to be the track most people like, which I hope doesn't say too much about my own talents, but more about his.)

A Picture for the New Fucking Werewolf Band T-Shirt

Here's a picture I made for the band Fucking Werewolfs new T-shirt, based on a photo-collage by Dennis Wedin (the singer of Fucking Werewolf and co-maker / art-designer of Hotline Miami). It will be available shortly through their website and on their live-gigs / tour. I will most likely also help them with the cover-art for their new record, recorded by Kristian Anttila.  

As you probably notice I have left the psychedelic influences behind for this pic, and focused more on lines (right click on pic and choose "Open Image in New Tab" to see full-size version). I will probably try to make a few pics with a similar palette and style, so be sure to check out my blog again soon if you like it. 

At the moment I am also working on a pic for the micro-press comic publisher, 2D Cloud, which will be available as a print for a cheap price (I hope). 


"Happy Earth", a picture of Noah, and a little tribute to my Mother

It's been a while since I made a new picture, and I feel that my focus somewhat has changed. I was recently in an accident where I broke my back, pelvis and crushed my heels, but miraculously didn't injure my skull or suffer any brain damage. Then, as if that wasn't enough, my mother, whom I love very dearly, passed away two months later. And way too early at that; she was only 58.
This was really heartbreaking in many ways, mostly because she never had the chance to become a grandmother (she would have been the best damn grandmother ever!), and that I was in a wheelchair at her funeral, wasted on painkillers and couldn't really feel anything at all. Still, I am convinced that death is not the end of anything but the physical body and that dying is not something you should fear. So I am a bit conflicted in my feelings about all this.

In some way everything that's happened lately surely must have affected me, though I'm as of yet not certain exactly how. Maybe it's because I'm so caught up in the process of grief and change that I can't clearly see where I'm headed, or maybe it's because I've been so doped up on painkillers since the accident that I feel a bit left in the dark about where I stand.

The boy depicted in this picture is called Noah Smith (, and he's got Down Syndrome.

Down Syndrome is not something you immediately would associate with beauty, but nobody could ever call this boy ugly. There's something so very innocent and honest about his expression that it left me astounded and made me feel hope for, well... everything. So I just had to include him in one of my pictures. Maybe if you look at the world with the eyes of a child, it wouldn't be such a confusing, frustrating and sometimes horrible place.

I hope the changes I'm going through will be for the better, and that the future of humanity, and all other living beings, will be a bright one.
I really do.

When I made this picture I listen mostly to a band called Baobab,, some Panda Bear tracks (mostly from "Person Pitch"),, and Great Lake Swimmers third album "Onigara" As I'm posting this, Hooray For Earth's music is on somewhere in the background,, also worth checking out.
Peace, love and understanding.