Sometimes when I make a picture and look at it afterwards, I can't really decide if it is disgusting or pretty. This is one of those pictures, and I think it reflects much of my own emotions when i try to think about love. Somewhere deep inside I guess I believe love to be the reason of existence - atleast of human existence, and since I am a human being, I would like to think of love as the reason of everything, not just my own nature. I know it sounds corny, but i guess as you grow older, you stop caring if you're corny or not.
So, what are my feelings towards love? I'm not really sure. Sometimes I feel like love is what makes everything so hard, frustrating and disgusting. Sometimes I feel like love is what makes everything easy and pleasant, and is that supreme flavour that gives meaning to all this we call life. I guess the truth is somewhere in between.

As I am quite tired right now, I may re-edit this post at a later date. Probably not. And I haven't really decieded if the picture is finnished or if it needs more work. But I guess it will have to do for now.


I guess in some way this may be the happiest picture I've done so far. The guy in the picture really does look happy.

I stumbled across the photo I based it on by chance when I was searching for something else (can't remember what) and found it very appealing in a way. It's just so weird trying to figure out what's going on and at the same time as it's pretty obvious. I thought alot about changing the photo in some way to make it my own, but didn't. I just added some bugs and grass.

So what am I trying to express? I'm not really sure. The weirdness of life I guess. Because life is a really strange thing, and the world too for that matter. And if you can find some pleasure in it, I guess that's good enough, no matter how you find it.