Animal Collective Again

A new fanpicture I made for the band Animal Collective. I am completely in love with this band and urge everyone who reads this to pick up one of their records (or a few of them).

I also recommend Panda Bear and Avey Tares solo records, as they've inspired me a great deal.

The style of this picture is not really in line with my other work, but I guess it's nice to do something different from time to time. I will not make alot of pictures like this though, as they don't really fit my style.

As for what this picture tries to express, I guess I wanted to  shows us humans as the weird and kinda disgusting, yet beautiful and magnificent, organisms we actually are. To experience yourself outside of yourself makes you really realize something that's utterly profound.

I really hope everyone who wants to get to know themselves will have an experience like this atleast once in their lives. Preferably with the music of Animal Collective playing somewhere in the background.

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