Sloppy Self Portrait and unnecessary facts about me

I didn't know what to do this morning so I made this self portrait. I tried to make myself look happy, with a kind of weird result.

Since I wasn't so serious about it I didn't colormanage it or anything. Maybe I should have...
Anyways, it's really lacking in composition and the general feeling of it is that it's sloppy and hastily done. This is kind of an accurate reflection of my own personality and my normal behaviour. I am a slob. But atleast I'm weirdly happy about that. And about most other things too.

By the way, the colors of the picture are actually accurate. This due to the colorful lighting in my room, which I've spent alot of time and money on to get right. I'll add a picture of my bedroom below. Note, if you will, that the big floor lamp that's kind of green in this picture actually changes between 768 different colors, and is usually set to blue or purple, and that my black light is not shown in the picture.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Bilden på dig ser väldigt likt ut en viss vampyr jag känner...

  2. hahaha, ja det har du kanske lite rätt i :D