I made this picture today, and haven't really had time to think very much about it. It depicts a naked young man with an erection, holding on to a chair as if inviting someone to sit, with a sunset and some hindu / buddhist signs in the background.
Well the process of creating it was really simple. I found this photo of a man with an erection holding on to a chair and thought it was interesting. So I started outlining it and when I was finished I thought: 
What now? Maybe I should put something in the backgound. Maybe I should put a sunset in the background? 
As you can see, I did this. 
Still, the picture seemed to lack something, so I put the sign for "OM" (the hindu-term for the sound that creates the world) over the sun. Then I put the hindu sun-symbol behind the sun. Yet something was still missing. 
So I tried to come up with some more exotic-looking scribble and the mantra "Om ah hum vajra guru padma siddhi hum" came to mind. It means something along the line of "let my body, speech and mind become one with my teacher." 

The questions still remains however: 
What is the meaning of this? 
Why does this young man have an erection? 
Why is he holding on to a chair? 
Why are there religious signs everywhere?

Well, if I have to, I can explain it. I promise. But if someone can like this picture without an explanation I would be much more happy. I mean, explaining a picture should never change how it is perceived or how it is interpreted. So, I'll leave it at that. If you still want an explanation however, leave a comment or e-mail me.

Here's the photo I based the picture on:

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