In English:
Dennis Cooper is one of my top two favorite writers (the other one is Philip K Dick), and his series of five novels called "The George Miles cycle" may be the best books I've ever read. When he's not writing books he seems to spend most of his time on a blog called "the weaklings", which deals with everything from art to Russian gay porn to old punk bands. He's also very supportive of aspiring authors and has got his own publishing brand on Akashic Books, called "Little house on the Browery".
I met Dennis Cooper once a couple of years ago as he was standing outside a local bar (called Pusterviksbaren), drinking beer and smoking a cigarette. He was doing a reading of some of his poetry at the bar later on, so I had brought all my Cooper-books (11 in total) in hope that he would sign them for me, and he did. I couldn't bring myself to talk very much with him though, as I was really nervous, but it was a really awesome moment anyhow.
He commented on this picture though, and seemed to like it.

På Svenska:
Dennis Cooper är nog min absoluta favoritförfattare, och hans romansvit "The George Miles Cycle" kan vara det bästa jag någonsin läst. Han verkar även vara intressant som person, och har en väldigt märklig och omfattande blogg som han tycks spendera det mesta av sin vakna tid med att uppdatera.
Jag träffade honom en gång för ett par år sedan när han stod och drack öl och rökte utanför Pusterviksbaren och han signerade alla böcker jag hade av honom (11 böcker allt som allt, bl.a. hela George Miles Cycle). Jag vågade dock inte prata särskilt mycket med honom, och var så nervös att jag skakade i hela kroppen efteråt.
Han kommenterade även den här bilden när jag lade upp den på facebook och verkade gilla den.

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